Saturday, February 11, 2012

Rodeo Season Is Here

Evidence: The San Antonio Spurs played at home for the last time on Monday night before embarking on a 2-week+ road trip while the AT&T Center hosts the dirt and hide and mayhem of our award winning Stock Show & Rodeo.

Another hint was when A Beautiful Mess Featuring Natalie Rose entertained one of the groups of trail riders who had camped in New Berlin Texas on their way to San Antonio:

Trail Riders strike out from all points across Texas with horses and chuck wagons (and RVs + iPads I'm sure) to converge on San Antonio's rodeo scene just in time for the hot bronco and steer action.
Naturally, live music has always been a big part of the rodeo experience with concerts every night after the lariats have been oiled and hung up, but this was my first time moving the show out of town to entertain folks on their way.
Some of the riders haven't seen a razor since leaving home weeks ago, so they have a good excuse. The guitarists in A Beautiful Mess are pretty hairy all the time:

Luenmann's in New Berlin TX is a cool roadhouse conveniently located right across the street from where the Mesquite Trailriders were camped.
Never been to Luenmann's before so I can't compare, but the joint was certainly jumping tonight. Lots of love for the band from the audience, and we want to thank Randy who arranged this shindig and took good care of us.

I keep walking into local country music venues expecting to see and/or hear something on the same level of skill and professionalism as Natalie Rose & A Beautiful Mess, but it hasn't happened yet and I'm starting to think it never will.

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